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Ganton Service Station

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Welding/Fabrication Repair Shop In Scarborough

Tim Bradley`s Welding/Fabrication Repair Shop - Alexander Works, Ganton Service Station

For light or heavy steel welding repairs / jobs large or small for home or business in the Scarborough area.

If you are in the Scarborough or Surrounding area and you have something that is broken or requires modifying, for example: wrought iron, garden furniture , household or industrial goods.

Most people that have the skills to do this work are busy doing bigger and more profitable work or work for larger companies. So if you have something that requires general hands on skills to repair, or you can see a creative repurpose for another use or if you have a car/van that requires some welding for its next M.O.T give Tim a ring on to see if this is a viable option for you.


Contact Tim Today - Telephone: 07971 779289


Tim is a new tenant offering a much needed service in the area. Having come from a background of general engineering work he has been taught to be resourceful and to be proud of having traditional hands on skills.

A large part of his career has been in welding /repairing and making a whole variety of products. Much of his welding fabrication work has been on much heavier agricultural products where strength and reliability is essential.

Having served an apprenticeship with Rosedale Engineers at Hunmamby and moving on to be parts and Service Manager at another Agricultural Engineers he has a good understanding of both workshop and the customer communication.

This coupled with his love and desire of Classic Rally Cars, a hobby that has filled a great deal of his spare time for most of his working life, has given Tim the ideal experience for the present business.

He is now establishing a NEW Repair Shop at The Alexander Works behind Ganton Service Station.

Tim recognises that whilst there is no shortage of welders in the local area there is a need for a Local Repair Shop that will take on small jobs in fabricating a one off small product, repairing or repurposing an existing product that would otherwise be destined for the scrap heap.