Ganton Service Station

Ganton Service Station

History Of Ganton Service Station, A64, Staxton, Scarborough

Ganton Service Station® was one of the first garages on the A64 offering workshop and roadside repairs (Then called Willerby Garage)

ESSO bought the site in the early 50's and the garage become a full blown PETROL FILLING STATION known as Ganton Service Station. Road side assistance, servicing and running repairs were run alongside the Petrol sales. Tyres and batteries being sold alongside the petrol sales where an important revenue stream to most petrol station with Ganton Service Station being no exception.

Bill Mintoft was a well know character who worked for Armstrong Massey selling Land rovers leased the site from ESSO introducing car sales alongside petrol sales to the site. In the 1960's Terry Clarke actually bought a brand new Ford Anglia from Bill Mintoft whilst he occupied the site at that time.

Mick Wearing specializing in Volvo service and repairs took over from Bill Mintoft later moving to Staxton Garage.

David Elmer then bought the site from Esso in the 60's running full workshop services, break down recovery, car and petrol sales.

Terry Clarke rented forecourt space in the 70's to sell his cars from. Terry bought the whole site after a period of around 2 years. Taking over the whole site with its existing business Workshop, Cars Sales and the contract for ESSO petrol sales.

Eventually rural roadside petrol stations became unviable with the entry of the Supermarkets selling discounted fuel to get customers into their stores.

Whilst Terry could see the writing was on the wall for such sites, he knew the size and location of Ganton Service Station together with the customer following and reputation for good service would mean that this site would survive without the petrol sales.

After removing the pumps and discontinuing the petrol sales in the mid 80's the site has thrived ever since proving this to be the case.

In order to fill the void left by the removal of the petrol sales Terry started selling commercial trailers taking on Tow-a-Van, Brenderup and Hi-Line trailer dealerships. The location of the site proved to once again be a winner with Terry becoming a top Uk top dealer.

This was the point when Terry moved to Derby in the Midlands to be 2 hours away from a large part of the country and started to rent / lease the site. The rear of the site for storage and warehousing and the front of the site continuing as a garage. A number of businesses used the excellent facilities and location of the site to get their business of the ground, moving on to their own dedicated sites a few years later.

Fast forward to 2010. The service station i.e. workshop part of the site becomes vacant. Along comes Dan Smith, around the age of Terry Clarke was, (27) when he took over the site. The whole site was empty when Dan Smith started Yorkshire Tyre Centre. So Dan helped by his close friend Nick Burgess started with a zero customer base. As the name suggests a fast fit tyre centre was the main activity. Dan`s success and his dedication to his customers needs has resulted in Yorkshire Tyre Centre expanding the workshop servicing side of the business to include a DVLA approved MOT centre offering MOT`s while you wait. If you prefer to leave the car there is the convenience of a bus stop right outside the premises. All this was with the support of Dan`s other halve Kate who went back to college to study bookkeeping and accountancy and now works in both the reception and office helping to ensure the figures stack up and the business is based on a sound footing. Dan`s brother Patrick [ better known as paddy] joined the business in 2012. Patrick is now a key worker within the business being a qualified MOT tester. The size of the business allows all three to develop a good working relationship with the customers. Truly a family business.

Fast forward again to 2017. Dan Smith's success has resulted in him signing a new long term lease and the car sales forecourt has become vacant.

AA Auto Trading very quickly recognized that the site was ideal for the car sales business they had grown over the last 22 years. With AA Auto Trading now stocking a wider choice of cars at Ganton Service Station than has been available for many years the future looks good for all concerned. Jason and Dan work well together with their respective individual businesses helping to make Ganton Service Station a One Stop Shop for Car Sales, Tyres, MOT Testing and Servicing.