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21 March 2018

Yorkshire Tyre Centre and the Price Promise.

Yorkshire Tyre Centre is owned and run by Dan Smith and family delivering a personal, knowledgable and friendly service.

Reception sign at the Tyre Centre

Dan has a real passion for Tyres. Tyres for cars and vans, tyres for Pickup trucks and ATV's, tyres for caravans and even for vehicles as obscure as golf caddies!

In Dan's own words "Our part worn tyres are definitely not just a put me on until you can get something better". Dan points out "Many of our part worn tyres are nearly new tyres and represent a genuine alternative to paying out a lot more money on a new tyre - although we are happy to supply new too".

The company mission statement is that if we can save a customer money whilst providing a high quality product and service - we can keep a customer for life.

With this in mind, any one off discounts, promotions and special discount tyres from our suppliers are passed on direct to the customer. There are some bargain price tyres to be had this way.

Our Price Promise

The Yorkshire Tyre Centre Price Promise is that we will always give you our best price, first time. This means that all our customers get the benefit of the best possible price not just those customers who ask us to "Price Match".

Serving the Region

Yorkshire Tyre Centre operate from Ganton Service Station and are providing huge saving on new and nearly new Part Worn Tyres in Scarborough and the surrounding areas.

Good Year Tyre Awards Poster on display at the Tyre Centre

Tyre sales are not limited to the Scarborough area. Yorkshire Tyre Centre at Ganton Service Station is located in the middle of a Golden triangle of Hull - Whitby - York.

This triangle encompasses Scarborough, Filey, Bridlington, Driffield, Market Weighton, Pocklington, Malton, Norton and Pickering as well as important villages like Seamer, Staxton, Ganton, East and West Ayton, East and West Heslerton, Snainton, Weaverthorpe, Helperthorpe and many many more. As Dan says all these local village people are really important and valued customers to our future.

Mind you "Being on the main A64 means we do attract customers for nearly new and part worn tyres from across North Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire and even the rest of the UK".

Further benefits: Huge - Easy access and forcourt parking

Cut out the Hassle!

For the vast majority of people the journey getting into town, what with traffic queues, parking restrictions and car parking fees is a real hassle. There are real benefits in being able keep out of the queues and take advantage of the large easy access forecourt and parking at Ganton Service Station.

The sofa of Yorkshire Tyres Centres waiting room easily beats the prospect of burning both fuel and time spent in traffic queues getting into most towns these days. The waiting room is there to back up the fast fit service. As with most Tyre Centres a quick fit exhausts and brake service is also offered.

Tyre Services at Yorkshire Tyre Centre

For our best tyre price first time.

Call Dan Smith now on: 01944 711 111


Yorkshire Tyre Centre - New Tyres, Part Worn tyres and Nearly New Tyres

Contact: Yorkshire Tyre Centre
Ganton Service Station, Staxton, Scarborough.
Telephone: 01944 711111

Yorkshire Tyre Centre is solely owned and Run by Dan Smith, The business only operates out of Ganton Service Station (which is also known as Ganton Garage).

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Ganton Service Station
Staxton, Scarborough, North Yorkshire. YO12 4SN